Podcast: Barry Ritholtz interviews Joel Greenblatt

Joel Greenblatt discusses everything from how he got started to his favorite books and what he thinks will be his largest fund (GINDX)

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WealthTrack: Joel Greenblatt on why he built GINDX

Consuelo Mack and Joel Greenblatt revisit the Gotham Index Plus Fund (GINDX) after its 3 year anniversary. For fund holdings please visit


Podcast: Gotham Index Plus Update with Joel Greenblatt

Joel Greenblatt provides his market outlook and discusses the Gotham Index Plus Fund (GINDX).


Joel Greenblatt’s Investing Secrets Revealed

The Columbia University professor and co-founder of Gotham Asset Management made the case for value investing in his best-selling The Little Book That Beats the Market, buying shares of businesses that were cheap relative to returns on…

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WealthTrack: Joel Greenblatt – Index Based Strategies

Consuelo Mack and Joel Greenblatt discuss his market observations and the launch of the Gotham Index Plus Fund (GINDX).